Our Team

Meet Our Team


Organization Founder

Worrawan has experiences to work on research projects for years related to several issues particularly, social and policy improvement. She is a founder of Development and Innovation on Society and Humanity (DISH) – nonprofit organization working on social development for vulnerable citizens in ASEAN, training and capacity building activities design and monitoring and evaluation. She spends part of her time to work as Thai-English interpreter and translator for NGOs, INGOs and GOs. Her areas of interest are tobacco control policies in ASEAN, rights-based approach, human rights mechanism, migration, social welfare management, and monitoring and evaluation.


Communication Manager

Pattranit is young and enthusiastic business owner in Chiangmai. She was born in Chiangmai therefore, knows deeply about culture and livelihood of local communities located in Chiangmai. Pattranit holds a master’s degree in Political Science at Chiangmai University and her dissertation on social management in Muslim communities in Chiangmai got award from the university in 2013. Now, she is the owner of beverage import and export business with the nationwide business network. Besides business partners, Pattranit also has connection with politicians, government authorities and NGOs working on city and community development.


Accountant Manager

Todsapol graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History at Chiangmai University. After graduation, he joined the research project on Establishment of Mekong basin Civilization Museum, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang rai. Besides academic work, he has been working with non-governmental organization for years with the focus on slum communities in Chiangmai. Hence, he has strong knowledge background on cultural and community development and management.


Administrative Manager

Kunaporn has 12 years of experience in administrative management and scholarship management in foundation and international organization. She holds Master’s degree in International Peace Studies from United Nations-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica and Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines. She spent five months working as a Project Assistant at the End Violence against Women (EVAW) Unit, UN Women South Asia Sub-regional Office in India. Her areas of interest are scholarship management for higher education, ending violence against women, anti-trafficking, women and children empowering and food security.


Event Manager

Sathaporn  is holding a bachelor’s degree (second class honor)  in Political Sciences at Thammasat University, Thailand. After graduation, he worked as a training assistant for Workshop on “ Create ASEAN National Human Resources  for 4 regions in Thailand”, organized by Thammasat University, followed by a coordinator and organizer of Move World Together Project, Thammasat University. Presently, he is working as a human resource officer at Department of Local Administration for Royal Thai Government. He is expertise in Human Resource trainings to build the capacity of staff of Local Administration Office.