ISBN: 978-3-659-89492-3

Assessing the viability of legalizing abortion as a safety-net for women enduring unwanted pregnancy

​Unwanted pregnancy and abortion have been important issues in Thailand for several decades. Even though the Thai government provides a number of policies to mitigate and eliminate this situation, unwanted pregnancies and abortions have not decreased. There are many women, especially young women, who have suffered from discriminatory experiences due to unwanted pregnancy; many of them decide to have unsafe abortions and many of these have died and/or suffered from sepsis and hemorrhage. Unwanted pregnancy and abortion in Thailand is related to many factors and social members have to cooperate and work together to solve the problem.

This research provides an alternative way of thinking about the situation of unwanted pregnancy and abortion in Thailand. In view of various supporting documents, abortion legalization might be a practical option for mitigating the problematic circumstances women with unwanted pregnancies are facing. In addition to the primary and secondary data received in the field, unwanted pregnancy and abortion in Thailand will also be analyzed by the theory of structural and cultural violence, the theory of hegemony, and the concept of self-repression.